Introduction to Research

Introduction of Research

byOnline ConnectNovember 09, 2020

Meaning of Research
Human society is changing day by day. The form of each and every unit within the social structure, the process of formation, and its impact on society have also changed. On the other hand, in the long period of social development, the units within the present complex social structure are changing rapidly. An environment has been created in society to explore many possibilities. Many problems are affecting the current society. In the field of politics, religion, family, marriage, relationship, law, economics, literature, art, geography, history, psychology, etc., new concepts, beliefs, and attitudes have been developed and new styles and structures have been developed in the process of operation at each level. The added complexity at each level has led to many deviations, problems, and effects in society.

Similarly, to integrate into the new social structure, specific systems need to be developed. On the one hand, there is a curiosity and desire to know and understand new things in human society, and on the other hand, there is a growing human curiosity and curiosity about the events, problems, behaviors, and beliefs that are happening in society. Similarly, there is a need to face the current complexities by developing new technologies. Human interest in the issues related to caste, language, culture, religion, manners, dress, class, etc. in society is increasing. It is against this background that the context of research is and should be linked. The meaning, effectiveness, and relevance of research are also related to researching these mentioned situations.

The meaning of research is related to finding or finding or finding or proving or finding a causal relationship. Therefore, we can call research to re-evaluate old beliefs or situations by searching for new facts or beliefs using different approaches for different purposes about human society. Research seems to be related to the English words ‘Research’, ‘Re’ and ‘Search’. This indicates that the research may be repetitive in its search for the true facts. Therefore, research is related to the work done to obtain new social truths. Therefore, two aspects are basically linked to the research. The first is to update the research findings that have been discovered once in a while and do in-depth research on the factors that affect that belief, and the second is to search for completely new knowledge.

Research is a systematic action plan in which one’s research work is carried out procedurally and concisely through appropriate research methods, focusing on specific research issues for the fulfillment of certain objectives. Any research done to achieve a definite goal must be integrated into a scientific framework. It refers to the search for new facts as well as how established beliefs are re-evaluated through searches over time.

In the animal kingdom, human beings are the ones who can think about the whole society, culture, and the universe. It can arouse curiosity and curiosity and everyone wants to and can curb curiosity. There are so many topics in front of human beings that they are trying to know about them and want to know and understand. Concerning the creation of creation, concerning honorary evolution, concerning man and the society and culture he has created, concerning new complex social forms and their causes and effects, in managing social functions, in exploring new possibilities in various fields of information, medicine, and space. Concerning race, species integration, and evolution, there is a lot of research on human society or on the self in adjusting each of the existing complex environments to suit oneself and time and society. Therefore, we can call research a search for new knowledge and a review of established beliefs about these various aspects based on a certain systematic and systematic process. While its main objective is to focus on the development of society, it also aims to fulfill individual needs and satisfaction subtly.

F.N. F.N. Kerlinger – Defining research, states that scientific research is systematic, empirical, and critical research in which the inherent relation to various natural phenomena is accepted as a hypothetical hypothesis. (Scientific research is a systematic controlled, empirical, and critical investigation of hypothetical a proposition about the presumed relations among natural phenomena.)

In this regard, L.A. V. According to L.V. Redman and A.V. H. Morry, a systematic effort to acquire new knowledge is called research. (Research is a systematized effort to gain new knowledge)

Similarly Consuelo Gt. According to Sevilla et al, research in the present time and age refers to the search for a theory, a theoretical test, or a solution to a problem. (Research in this age and time means searching for a theory for testing theory or for solving a problem).

According to Arun Kumar Singh, scientific research is systematic research and effort made to provide certain questions (Scientific research is a systematic and objectives attempt to provide answers to certain questions). The purpose of which is related to the exploration and development of the form of knowledge.

The characteristics of the research based on various analyzes can be mentioned as follows. According to :

1.       –  Research is always directed towards the solution of a problem

2.      –  It focused on the process of theory construction and test and retest process

3.      –  Research of human curiosity and ignorant

4.      –  Research is always based upon empirical evidence

5.       – Research is always systematic, objectives, controlled, and logic

6.       – Both theoretical and practical objectives

7.      – Never ending subject

8.     –  Research helps to development

9.     –  Research requires the skill of writing a report

10 – Certain types of research methods and methods of gathering facts are more effective in each type of research.

Social Research

A general discussion of what research is and why it has been done in the previous heading, from which information about social research can be obtained. When discussing social research, social research refers to the research done on every aspect of social life that we consider as units of social structure, its structural structure, development process and state of change, and the impact it has had and can have on society. Social research is the search for answers to the questions and curiosities of various questions within the social complex.

Every unit within the social structure is changing. Many social problems have been created. Problems such as poverty, unemployment, prostitution, drug use and trafficking, problems related to religious, ethnic, and linguistic areas, wage problems, problems in management, problems related to education, politics, environment, law, and education are seen in society. And while the nature of such problems is becoming more and more complex, one is that such problems have had many effects on society. In this context, research can be called social research.

The element that affects every social phenomenon is what we call social variables. Research to understand the causal relationship between them is social research that is systematic, logical, and controlled. In this context, one of the objectives of social research is to find the causes of social problems, while the other objective of social research is to develop and purify the established theoretical beliefs on the subject related to these social events, situations, and circumstances.

The definitions and statements given by various experts regarding social research can be presented as follows. Through which more and more information about social research can be obtained. In this regard, PV Young says that we can take social research as a scientific method in which social research is a logical and systematic method aimed at finding new facts in the context of research and confirming the facts. Exploring the interrelationships, causal analysis, and the natural laws that govern them, (We may define social research as a scientific undertaking which may through logical and systematized methods, aim to discover new facts or old facts, and to analyze their sequences, interrelationship, casual explanation, and their natural laws which govern them) In this regard, (C.A. Moser) Donald Slassenger & M. Stevenson-Social Research Encyclopedia of the P 3 He says that social research is a systematic search for new knowledge about social problems and events. Systematized investigation to gain new knowledge about social phenomena and social problems, we all do social research.

Donald Slassergen and M. Stevenson define social research as a systematic approach to the construction of knowledge theory or the use of art in which knowledge growth and strengthening, research, analysis, and the perception of social life are developed.

Based on the above analysis, it can be concluded that social research is research related to various aspects of social life. Social research can be called systematic research is done in a certain theoretical, conceptual, and methodical way to get answers to every curiosity, lack, problem, and various research questions seen in human life. Social research is the study and research of the existence and relation of social problems, causation, and the development, confirmation, and reaffirmation of theoretical beliefs. With the increasing complexity in society, we can call the research done for acquiring new knowledge research.