Characteristics of research


Characteristics of research

Certain terms are normally utilized in research and also the success of any research depends on these terms. These terms determine whether or not research is scientifically and ethically correct. They’re known as the characteristics of research. These characteristics are explained here in the simplest terms to know and to implement. The important understanding of those characteristics is simply doable once you conduct research.


Reliability could be a measure of repeatability or reliability. It’s the repeatability of any research, research instrument, tool, or procedure. Nowadays some instruments may estimate the dependability of any research instrument. If any research yields similar results every time it’s undertaken with a similar population and with similar procedures, it’s known to be reliable research. Suppose research is conducted on the “effects of single parenting on the category performance of grade school-age children”. If the results conclude that it causes low grades in school, these results ought to have to be compelled to be reliable for an additional sample taken from an identical population. Dependability adds to the consistency and foregone conclusion of the research.


Validity is that the strength with that we will build research conclusions, assumptions, or propositions true or false. It determines the pertinence of the research. The validity of the research instrument will be outlined because of the quality of the research instrument to the research downside or however accurately the instrument measures the matter. Some researchers say that validity and dependability are co-related, however, validity is way additional vital than dependability. While not valid, research goes in the wrong direction. To stay the analysis on track outlines your ideas in the very best manner so that no error occurs throughout the activity.

There are 2 kinds of validity in research: internal validity, and external validity. The research worker must check that that the research contains a sturdy internal still as external validity.


Accuracy implies that every method within the research has been undertaken accurately. It’s conjointly the degree to that every analysis method, instrument, and power is said to every alternative. Accuracy conjointly measures whether or not research tools are hand-picked in the very best manner and analysis procedures suit the research downside or not. for instance, if research should be conducted on the transgender folks, many knowledge assortment tools will be used counting on the research issues however if you discover that the population less cooperative the most effective manner is to watch them instead of submitting the form as a result of informing either they’ll provide biased responses or they’ll not come back the questionnaires in any respect. Therefore selecting the most effective knowledge assortment tool improves the accuracy of research.


Credibility comes with the utilization of the most effective supply of data and the best procedures in the analysis. If your victimization second-hand info in your research thanks to any reason your analysis may complete in less time however its quality is at stake as a result of secondary knowledge has been manipulated by masses and is thus not terribly valid to use in research. the definite proportion of secondary knowledge will be used if the first supply isn’t on the market however basing research fully on secondary knowledge once primary knowledge will be gathered is least credible. once the research worker offers correct references within the research the quality of the research will increase however faux references conjointly decrease the quality of the research.


Generalizability is the extent that research findings will be applied to a larger population. Once a research worker conducts a study he/she chooses a target population and from this population, he takes a little sample to conduct the research. This sample is representative of the complete population that the findings ought to even be representative of the complete population. If research findings will be applied to any sample from the population and also the same results are obtained, the results of the research are aforementioned to be generalizable.

External validity improves research generalizability still. Therefore research that has sturdy external validity has sturdy generalizability too. In quantitative research, it’s easier to attain that. In qualitative research, generalizability is additionally involved in a smaller cluster so that the results are applicable?


Empirical The nature of research implies that the research has been conducted following rigorous scientific strategies and procedures. Every step within the research has been tested for accuracy and is predicated on world experiences. Quantitative research is simpler to prove scientifically than qualitative research. In qualitative research biases and prejudice are straightforward occur. Some tools may improve the trustiness of qualitative research. The qualitative research worker ought to shrewdness to manage biases and subjectiveness that may build a pursuit less scientific.


Every research follows the Associate in Nursing approach or paradigm of research however despite any paradigm the research ought to have one main approach, i.e., a systematic approach to research. This systematic approach helps the research worker perceive the steps to be taken and in what order to require every step. There are a set of procedures that are tested over an amount of your time and are therefore appropriate to use in the analysis. Every research, therefore, ought to follow a procedure.


In world expertise several factors affect have Associate in Nursing effect on} an outcome and one event is usually a result of many factors. Once a similar event is tested in research, thanks to the broader nature of things that impact that event, some factors are taken as controlled factors whereas others are tested for a doable impact. The controlled factors or variables ought to have to be compelled to be controlled strictly.

In pure sciences, it’s terribly straightforward to manage such parts as a result of experiments is conducted within the laboratory however in social sciences it becomes tough to manage these factors thanks to the character of research. In science, the experiments and observations are exhausted world settings. To manage external factors that may impact the analysis is tough in science research. But some tools may facilitate the research worker in achieving some management over however the research goes on.

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